Wednesday, 15 January 2014

  Pincushion method

I've had a couple of enquiries as to the method I used to make my pincushion, so here's some instructions:

I made the pincushion using the foundation method, drawing a circle with a compass on regular printer paper, then dividing it into 32 segments. 

Upon machine sewing the last segment I hand stitched the final seam (which you can see on the right side between the red/pink Kaffe fabric and the soft turquoise). I drastically trimmed the seams after removing the paper.

I appliqued the felt circle onto the centre and then cut away the bulky fabric from beneath.

Finally with right sides together the backing was sewn to the top leaving an opening for turning out the right way. Stuffed with polyfil and handstitched closed.

The Annie Lane ceramic flower button adds a finishing touch.


  1. Thank you for posting the instructions. I, too, came to your site via Bonnie Hunter's link for your beautiful pin cushion.

  2. Thank you for posting the instructions. I too came to look from a picture posted by Bonnie Hunter. I collect pincushions and this one would be a great scrap buster too!

  3. That all sounds rather technical, which makes me think you're a bit genius mum!

  4. What size of circle did you draw!? Thanks in advance.