Wednesday, 24 July 2013



It's been ages since my last post. Since then I've got myself a new phone which means, as I'm not tech savvy, I now really have to do some major brain straining to refigure how to attach photos etc. I somehow stumbled across the method I just used - hope it happens so easily next time!

This year has been and is going to continue to be an eventful one for me and mine. February we held a 'Big Sparkle Party' to celebrate Tess & Joe's Engagement, in March we once again partied with a Parisian themed Kitchen Tea for Tess, the following weekend her sisters and friends held a 20's themed Hen's night out on the town. March into April continued on with 4 birthdays in our immediate family and in mid April Tess & Joe's wedding was held in the Southern Highlands. Following all that we have been preparing a property for possible sale. Imogen is expecting her 3rd child in August and Aym, her first in September and not to be left out Tess & Joe have a baby of the puppy kind!

Anyway the photo above is one of the flower arrangements from the 'Big Sparkle Party'.