Wednesday, 15 January 2014

  Pincushion method

I've had a couple of enquiries as to the method I used to make my pincushion, so here's some instructions:

I made the pincushion using the foundation method, drawing a circle with a compass on regular printer paper, then dividing it into 32 segments. 

Upon machine sewing the last segment I hand stitched the final seam (which you can see on the right side between the red/pink Kaffe fabric and the soft turquoise). I drastically trimmed the seams after removing the paper.

I appliqued the felt circle onto the centre and then cut away the bulky fabric from beneath.

Finally with right sides together the backing was sewn to the top leaving an opening for turning out the right way. Stuffed with polyfil and handstitched closed.

The Annie Lane ceramic flower button adds a finishing touch.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013



It's been ages since my last post. Since then I've got myself a new phone which means, as I'm not tech savvy, I now really have to do some major brain straining to refigure how to attach photos etc. I somehow stumbled across the method I just used - hope it happens so easily next time!

This year has been and is going to continue to be an eventful one for me and mine. February we held a 'Big Sparkle Party' to celebrate Tess & Joe's Engagement, in March we once again partied with a Parisian themed Kitchen Tea for Tess, the following weekend her sisters and friends held a 20's themed Hen's night out on the town. March into April continued on with 4 birthdays in our immediate family and in mid April Tess & Joe's wedding was held in the Southern Highlands. Following all that we have been preparing a property for possible sale. Imogen is expecting her 3rd child in August and Aym, her first in September and not to be left out Tess & Joe have a baby of the puppy kind!

Anyway the photo above is one of the flower arrangements from the 'Big Sparkle Party'.   

Friday, 31 August 2012


A while back I purchased at auction this lovely Victorian dove vase. It's a piece of great beauty, the pink ribbon although porcelain, gives the appearance of velvet. The detailing is superb.
My initial thought when I first clamped my eyes on it was - that would look fabulous with forget-me-nots. Fresh picked from the garden this morning, albeit white, I'm sure they are the choice the creator had in mind for the dove.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Oscar's imminent 2nd birthday


It's amazing to think it's been nearly two years since our first grandchild was born, time has flown and yet he's been here for such a long time. Oscar is so delightful, he makes your heart swell. He is like a sponge, takes it all in and amazes you with his knowledge.
Before he was born I started working on this quilt, we knew he would be a boy so selected 30's fabrics avoiding flowers and pinks. As Imogen (his Mum and my daughter) has always loved flying geese quilts it was an easy choice. Being the procrastinator I am I only had the top finished by the baby shower, but did manage to have it quilted and bound soon after he arrived on the scene. And what an arrival; he managed to be born at home (not planned) and delivered by his Papa!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Winter sun

The winter sunlight streaming through the bedroom window was a draw for Aff.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Arts and Crafts

This lovely label is on the back of an old painting I purchased recently. I love the Arts and Crafts style. There is so much going on in such a small label. Wearing a peasant blouse and a lavish headband the artist is holding her brushes and palette and leaning on the easel. Behind stars in a dark sky are viewed through the arched window that is surrounded by decorative timberwork. The lettering appears hand drawn as you can see variation in repeated letters. Note too the phone number, three digits!

Monday, 9 July 2012


I think this bath toy belonging to my grandson is so cute. Whoever designed it was inspired. What joy!